Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Horatio - My Guardian Spirit

Happy April, Crafters!

I have spent today painting up my grotesque - from the lovely Andy Skinner.  Andy taught a class recently, and we did a bit of a swap - I gave him some stuff he wanted to play with, and he gave me Horatio.  Well, he wasn't called Horatio, when Andy gave him to me, but when I decided that he clearly wasn't malevolent, but benevolent, and watchful, I decided to name him after my Dad. 

So, a bisque grotesque.  I sealed him with DecoArt matt sealer, and then set to with a whole bunch of paints, mostly DecoArt Americana, and a couple of DecoArt Traditions, notably the beautiful cobalt blue, which is semi-transparent.

When all the paint was on, I used a little Daler Rowney Metallic Red mixed with a purple, to give an amethyst colour around the edge.  This same metallic red was used to highlight the letters in the recess, and sat on my shelf, makes the lettering look a little 3d.

To finish Horatio off, and because Turquoise is meant to be the lucky stone for Sagittarians, I rubbed a little metallic blue around the high points.

BTW - did you know?  A gargoyle has a purpose - to take water away from stonework.  Grotesques were for decoration, and/or to ward off evil spirits.

Oh, and just to allay any questions, Dad wasn't really called Horatio, but I believed him for YEARS - oh, the gullibility of youth!!  So much more romantic than Harry!!

DecoArt Traditions: Colbalt Blue Hue, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Red Iron Oxide
DecoArt Americana: Rich Espresso, Festive Green, Light Buttermilk, Bittersweet Chocolate, Dioxazine Purple, Burnt Orange
Daler Rowney: Metallic Red (720)
Viva Decor: Inca Gold Stahl Blau


  1. He looks lovely!!! I love gargoyles but that should not surprise you :-) Loetitia

    1. Thanks Loetitia. He looks much more bling-y in real life, so much more shiny. I shall bring him along to our next sesh with Andy!