Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Craft Artist - using punches

Today is a catch up day - could be three posts!  Today is the birthday of one of my old school friends - yes, we are all getting older!  Last week, I made this card for him, and want to thank Michelle Jackson-Mogford for her demo on C&C!  Made all the difference!

For people who don't know, Craft Artist is amazing (I don't use it, or my Cameo enough).  It enables you to create stuff digitally, which you can email to people, or print out and do some real crafting, to engineer a hybrid tangible thing.  And it is this latter thing I did for Timo's card.

Here is the base piece created in Craft Artist.  It is the punch tool, combined with drop shadow that makes it look like more than a flat page.  But that is what it is!

I printed it out, and then added some accents using a pearl pen, which accentuates the punch effect created in Craft Artist.  The only things that are 3d are the 5 pearls in each corner, the pearls on the name and on the cogs.  Otherwise the piece is one piece of card added to a kraft base card, which went into the envelope.  Nice and flat (cheap!) for postage!!


Kraft 6x6 card
200gsm white card
Viva Decor Pearl Pen - Haematite
Craft Artist Professional 2
Angie Hinksman True Blue Digikit
DaisyTrail Vintage Sideshow Digikit

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