Sunday, 22 September 2013

G is for... Craft Barn Challenge

Well, THIS one certainly fits with the 'bright shiny sparkly' name.  This fortnight's letter from the Craft Barn Challenge is G.  G is obviously for Glitter (and/or Glister, if you are feeling a tad archaic) and for Globe, with a smattering of Gold and Green for good measure!!

I'd been meaning to use my double sided sticky sheets with the acetate for a while, and here is the perfect excuse.  I cut a circle out of the backing paper, the wax paper layer, taking care not to cut all the way through the sticky layer.  

Then I created my world (at this point, I felt a bit like Slartibartfast, only without the fjords...).  As I was born in a sunnier clime, I decided to do the 'other side', so carved a slightly odd looking Oceania, I think!  You have the former USSR, China, India, Bangladesh etc etc etc, a VERY odd Australia, the Arabian Peninsula (that's my bit) and the start of Africa.  The Med also shows, and the North and South Pole.  Apologies to all for the wonkiness of the countries. I gave up Geography in favour of German for O'level...

By carving through the backing paper carefully, it is possible to peel off the bits that need to be blue, and cover them in blue Glitter.  When all the glue is covered, then the next piece of backing gets peeled away, and green Glitter comes out and so on.

When it's all done, then the acetate goes on, to stop the shedding. 

For the first time in this challenge, my substrate is NOT Centura Pearl!  I was away from home, so used a piece of oil paint paper, which has a lovely texture.  It's been painted in my favourite Prussian Blue, and then (of course) some more glitter paint, to represent the Galaxy (Darn!  Forgot that definition!!  Missed opportunity!)

The tag, which has the definitions on, has been slid in between the base page, and the oil paint paper, has the usual wooden G stuck on, and some gorgeous sari silk in (wait for it) green and gold!

Hope you like!


Paint and Ink
DecoArt Traditions: Prussian Blue Hue
Stewart Gill Alchemy: Sea Spray

Bling and other stuff
Martha Stewart Glitter: Various shades
Wooden letter, sari silk from stash


  1. I will forgive you for there being no New Zealand cos this is a mad (over here that means really good as well as crazy-lol) depiction. I love all the glitter and effort but I bet you sparkled for hours with glitter on your hands and Excellent combinations of 'g' words. Well done again.

  2. Blimey this is brilliant - love how you've created your realistic glittery world!

  3. HOw beautiful is this?! Love the idea and love the way you made this. Hugs Frea

  4. Glitteroonie - looks like a lot of fun was had there. Super. BJ

  5. Wow! that's amazing!
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn