Saturday, 3 August 2013

T is for...Craft Barn Challenge

Well, it's that time again...and I nearly missed the Craft Barn deadline, again!  Anyway, T is for lots of things on this Teal, Tangerine, Time, Tangent, Trigonometry, Triangle - oh and Three (ribbons in the plait!!).

I did actually love Trig at school, and I must have had really good teachers for SOH, CAH and TOA to be going around in my head all (gulp 40...) these years later. 

I knew it was going to be Teal for the base, because I do so love Peacock Feathers Distress Stain.  I smooched it on, and then flicked water at it, and dried the drops off.  I used a lovely clock face mask with Picket Fence, which didn't go as obvious as it usually does, so I think I probably didn't dry the Peacock Feathers as much as I should.  So I used a black fine liner to do a spot of (wait for it..) zenTANGLE...(sorry.)

Then I used the same fineliner to draw my Tangent and Triangle (Pythagoras has so much to answer for!), and a broad nibbed pen to write my Trig equations.


Finally I dug the ribbons out (from previous purchases of Troll Beads, of course!) and plaited them, to use on my Tag. 
Quite simple this time.  Hope you like!

Ink and Paint
Distress Stain: Peacock Feathers, Picket Fence
Bling and other stuff
Tando Creative Mask: Clock
Calligraphy Pen
Fine Liner


  1. Great word choice and great colour! Trig was my favourite aspect of school maths. Julie Ann x

  2. A very cool page for your book but I am glad you used words because I am not a maths fan and I never understood the angles etc, so I love the colours you used and the story you told and the magic you wove in those mystical math symbols I can't interpret.Lol.

  3. How grand is this!!! Look at all your T words. Love it!

  4. Lots of T words here, fabulous page just love the colours too.

    Sylv xx

  5. Terrific page and interpretation
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn