Thursday, 8 May 2014

First Jewellery Commission!!

The other week my sister sent me some beads, and said 'make me a bracelet and earrings with these'...OK.  Chums on FB seemed to like them, and so I got a commission, 'something like that, but really dark purple'...  Hmm.  So, trawled through a few bead shops (now, THERE was a hardship) and used a couple of techniques from Louise's wire-working class at Jewellery Maker last week, and came up with...  (the flash wasn't right... better piccies below...)

The bangle on Memory wire is agate beads - big ones - with flash silver spacer beads.

The link bracelet, with matching earrings, was a bit more interesting.  I made the enhanced figure 8 links from silver plated wire, and attached 'charms' to them.

I used head pins and eye pins to hold the beads, which are a mix of onyx, tourmaline, and agate.

The clasp is also silver flash.

Matching earrings with tourmaline and agate, on 925 silver shepherds crooks.

One small matchbox made with a Sizzix die, and 3 gems...Voila!  My first commission - one happy customer, and maybe the start of actually USING and selling what I buy, rather than stroking it!!

Hope you like!

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  1. As Ruth's first customer:- fantastic, we were old school mates, and on FB I saw she "made stuff".., jokingly said that I would like some very purple jewellery. WOW! I am thrilled...put an order in, great stuff!!