Sunday, 11 May 2014

Eye of the Tiger?

No, not another music page, but some jewellery I made, this time for myself.  I love Tiger's eye, mainly because I remember my mum wearing the most preposterous cocktail ring, which she got out in the Gulf.  Unfortunately, when I got burgled a few years back, this was one of the things that disappeared.  Completely irreplaceable, but I can use the same stone and give a little smile to myself...

Anyway...  Because I NEED to have my glasses on a chain ('on and off more often than a whore's drawers', as my mum used to say..) necklaces don't really feature, but glasses chains do! This is where I started, combining organza ribbon, suede and rose gold findings with a couple of red tiger's eye beads.

Then I moved to the bracelet, same components, but with rose gold chain too.

The earrings use the rose gold findings with tiger's eye beads.

Finally, the brooch - lots and LOTS of tiger's eyes, mounted on copper coloured wire, with some wire coiled on the gizmo, and included within the design.  Thanks to Louise Jacobsen for the idea, from her wirework course at Jewellery Maker last week.  She used this for a ring, but it works brilliantly for a brooch.

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