Sunday, 2 February 2014

Jewellery making - the start of ANOTHER obsession??

It's no secret I am a bit of a magpie.  In the 'bright, shiny, sparkly' sense, and 'The Toon' sense, and also in the hoarding sense.  I buy or acquire stuff, and put it to one side for the right moment. 

I now have a stash of gemstones, mainly from Jewellery Maker, but elsewhere too.  Today is when I start showing what I am making.  I know I will get better (not entirely sure I am using the right things with the right things yet, but hey!  It's only wire, so I can always take them apart again.

Over Christmas, I spent ages stringing up some chips from a gem scoop, so not exactly sure what they are. There are five strands, three from the gem scoop, one from a bead scoop, I think mainly moonstone, and one strand of glass beads, sort of like labradorite.  I made some earrings to match.  They have silver findings, which I think finishes them off.

A couple of weeks back I got some GORGEOUS agate faceted beads. Oh my.  Wonderful.  I stroked 

them for a while, and then had an idea of fancy chain - which I don't have.  So I used some black .8mm wire and created loops at either end.  It was a bit fiddly linking them together, but I got there.

The necklace is approx. 40 inches around - so it sits very low - almost belly button level.  The colours are orangey, sage, mustard, all held together with black wire, ooh, lovely.  Now I have to decorate that display hand I have had on the shelf for a while!

Hope you like!


Gems, findings and wire: Jewellery Maker

Glass beads - Gutterman

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