Saturday, 15 February 2014

February - Calendar Challenge

I'm a little late on this - where has this month gone??  February's page is a bit of a mish-mash, in that I thought - ooh February, spring, green shoots etc.  But actually, it's not, it's dark, and grey and wet.  But there has been the Olympics to provide a bit of colour...  So thanks, Kate Crane for challenging me to get on and do this!

I cut all my discs out of some Edwardian Country Diary paper I have had hanging around for way too long.  They have been sat on my workbench for a few weeks... ho hum... They are all a bit bright, but I will fix that over the month...

In my lovely book (Paperchase, 10" square), I reused Kate's gesso method for painting, using black paint with a fair amount of gesso.  Whilst it was still damp, I used some tiny amounts of red - thinking of Valentine's day, I suppose, subconsciously (I'd never think of it CONSCIOUSLY!), dragging through it with the end of a paintbrush, and also with an old bottle lid to make the Olympic rings.

I used one of Andy Skinner's stencils and my beloved Stewart Gill glittery paint, to provide some interest, and a little tippex and a big fat gold marker.

I started a little zentangling, which I will probably finish by the end of the month...maybe...

Hope you like!


Substrate: Paperchase book
Edwardian Country Diary 6x6 pad

Paint and ink
Pebeo: White Gesso
Liquitex Basics: Titanium White, Mars Black, Naphthol Crimson
Stewart Gill: Galactica Flamenco, Alchemy White hot
Edding calligraphy paint marker: Gold

Bling and other stuff
Sakura pens, various colours
Andy Skinner Mask - Sunburst

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