Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Finnabair's Canvas - completed

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a weekend retreat in Swindon, with Anna Dabrowska (AKA Finnabair).  One of the things we did was a canvas, but it wasn't quite finished in my eyes. 

Then...I found a lovely Artemio frame at The Stamp Attic, and I knew what I wanted to do! 

We spent the weekend doing a lot of spraying, using mainly Primary Elements in solution.  These are highly pigmented mica powders.  MMMMMM. My favourite colour is called Black Emerald, and because it is my favourite, it was all over the canvas.  So it needed to be all over the frame.  So I had to order some.  Note to self, next time, get a HUGE pot!  I have a feeling I will end up painting a wall with it! 

Not sure I am going to remember every step, but here goes...  The box canvas was covered with torn strips of canvas and lace and then embellished to within an inch of its life.  The photo is a random lady, cut out, and protected from the painting and spraying that went on around it, but then dabbed with a tiny bit of pink ink (probably Picked Raspberry DI, knowing me!).  Black and white gesso, meeting in the middle. Then sprayed with the Black Emerald..  I suspect looking at it, it may also have a touch of Olive Vine, or maybe Kiwi sprayed on!

Ok, the frame.  A light sanding, then painted with white gesso.  Embellished to match the canvas, and painted all over with black acrylic.  Dry brushed with white paint from one corner.

Here comes the Black Emerald!  I made up a fairly thick solution in a spray bottle, and mostly sprayed from one corner. Then decided to go for it, and basically sprayed almost all of it!  I did leave the white corner a little light... 

When dry (I'm getting better at leaving things to dry...), I glued on the rain drops, on the frame, and on the canvas. Wish I had some more of them, no idea where they came from, but they did a good job of tying the canvas and frame together.  I love how they magnify the drops of mica, or the brush strokes.  Really lovely!

Ok, off to find ANOTHER bit of wall.  Hope you like!


Substrates:  Canvas, Artemio Box frame

Embellishments:  Prima in the main, with other bits and pieces from my stash (and Finn's!), including lace

Paint etc

Primary Elements: Black Emerald (and possibly others, don't know precisely what Finn mixed up for us)
Rain drops


  1. Your canvas is fabulous Ruth and looks superb framed in this way. A great idea.
    I love the TH CC 101 and now 102, just to pick up little tips, more knowledge about how the products work as well as the techniques. I guess you probably will be doing a twofer. Have fun.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  2. WOW, I thought your canvas was superb but you have really brought it up a notch Fabulous work x