Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Late again - July's Calendar Challenge

Oh dear, story of my life, late again...  And I even started this 2 weeks ago!  So, it's Kate's monthly calendar challenge, for July, and I have gone with flowers.  For summer.

My base colours are unusual for me, taupe and yellow. Not quite sure where that idea came from.  As I say done a couple of weeks ago, and allowed to dry (well!).  As seems to be usual, I added in some iridescent white to the lovely Paper Artsy paints, to give me some bling, all over the top of CLEAR gesso this time.  Not sure about this.  It saved me embarrassment (see last month's post!), but the type I had dried quite quickly.  It meant the colours of paint stayed truer, but...

Then, because I was late, and also because I felt like doing something freehand, I got out my Pitt pens.  They work beautifully on top of acrylics.  Fairly random 'squares', but it looked a bit bland.  So I added in some of the 'known knowns' in terms of dates, and yippee!!  JOFY at the end of the month...so out came the JOFY stamps.  A bit of colouring (with the tongue hanging out of the corner of my mouth, of course) and it all looked a little better.

(When the lovely Mr Skinner bring some more (rubber) stamps out, I shall, of course, use them...and the antiquing cream...ahem!).

Hope you like!


Paint and Ink
Archival Ink: Fern Green
PaperArtsy Fresco finish: Mud Splat, Haystack
Winsor and Newton: Iridescent white; clear gesso
Pitt pens: Various colours

PaperArtsy, JOFY stamps: JM34 (flowers) JM35 (bay tree)

Bling and other stuff
Hmmmm, only the iridescent paint above!  Poor showing, Mooffie!

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